it's true. everything did change. and mighty quick, at that.

She decided to up and move after her final semester of college.  Where to, she was not sure. But somewhere in Europe. She knew that much... 

So she hunkered down and started making plans. 
And so her big adventure begins in May. 2011.

2010 was a year of lessons. One of those lessons I learned was to follow my heart. No matter how crazy or outlandish its desires seemed to be. After a bout of heartbreak, a few months of relentless wanderlust & not landing what I thought to be my "dream internship" (& a whole lot of saving) I took a solo ten day trip to Scotland to sort things out, explore new horizons, literally.

During my trip I stumbled upon an old, abandoned dream of mine. Au pairing in Germany.
I had dabbled in the idea in high school, but chickened out & buried the idea deep in the hidden corners of my heart.

"You should au pair!" a dear friend of mine suggested one day in a hamburger stand in downtown Glasgow.

It clicked. I had to. 

I loved journalism, but it felt a bit like something I needed to think about a bit more before changing my entire life path.

And in a haze it all started falling together. I signed up on an au pair site that same night after getting back from the burger stand, and even woke up to a few emails with offers the next morning.

The original plan was to au pair in my then newest love, the UK, for the summer.

But it wasn't long until I was wooed by a family in Germany. "Come to Germany!" they begged. "We'll pay you more to stay for six months!" they cried. "You can attend our university!" they concluded.

And though I was a bit hesitant, I agreed. I enrolled, bought a ticket & flew to them in May. By the end of May I had found my real german family & thank goodness for that. (read all about it here.)

As I write it is already November & I've just begun university.

Early in the mornings I ride the train to University & in the afternoons I au pair.

Though at times I miss home heaps...
Though at times it's been a bit rough...

I love it here.
And have truly found a second place to call home.

And I know, when the next six months have come & gone, it's going to be terribly difficult to say goodbye.

but as for now,
I couldn't be happier.