29 June 2011

daily adventures.

i love walking this path everyday -- whether we're off to the beach or i'm picking up some eggs at the market, i always cherish these moments. though simple, they are beautiful.

24 June 2011

Sommerfest im Kindergarten.


today we went to the kindergarten's sommerfest.  there were cakes galore & kids running about dawning crowns made of flowers. it felt like something straight out of a picture or book. it was a lovely way to spend a june afternoon. (especially when it was only around 60 degrees! love love love germany's weather.)

23 June 2011

braid envy.

 [Grazia Magazine. 6.22.2011.]
i will perfect the chic braid before the summer is over.
i think i can, i think i can, i think i can...

20 June 2011

from scratch.

today i made my very first loaf of bread. and it was all from scratch, at that. and everyone loved it. woohoo!

16 June 2011


during my time here in Germany, we are making our way through the collection of delicious recipes Jamie Oliver's books have to offer. i hope to make note of my favorites & cook them for my future love one day.

07 June 2011


My little host sister baked me Hefezopf today...more like Hefe'Anna' : )

05 June 2011


Today I ventured to the local fish market. I walked around the pier while soaking up the bright sun and smelling the ocean air. Daydreaming (as this song played in my head.)  It's was a relaxing way to spend my lazy Sunday. I wish everyone could have a Sunday like today's-- I wish I could bottle up the happiness I felt while wandering about.  I would share it all with you.

03 June 2011


while i was hanging up the laundry outside the little one came up and gave me these sweet flowers & gave me a hug.  he then turned quickly then turned around and ran away giggling and saying "bitte sch√∂n!" (you're welcome!)

01 June 2011


The beach makes my skin sunny & my soul happy.