30 May 2011

Home, Sweet Home.

I couldn't be happier or more blessed with the situation I have happened into. Life is strange like that... but also mighty beautiful. Thank you for your support & prayers. With all my heart, thank you.

27 May 2011


[Kiel, Germany. May 27, 2011.]
I found this on my way to the bus station.  It is a sign for a missing stuffed cat a little kid has lost. It broke my heart.  But, the fact someone did this for their kid made my heart swell.  That's love.

26 May 2011

alles ist jetzt in ordnung.

 [my good friend Kim and me saying goodbye last week before I left.]

I am sorry for being away so long.  This past week was crazy-- and not in a good way...
It's kind of a long story and I don't really think the details are necassary-- especially because I am totally writing a book or movie about it-- you'll definitely get to read/see it... 

In a nutshell, my host family was lovely. Correction: my host mom and the children were wonderful. I loved and love them still, dearly.  my host dad was awful. just awful. he was not nice to the mom, which I immediately did not feel okay with, and then he decided to start doing so to me. I, refuse to be treated in such ways. 

I decided to leave immediately, after the dad and the mom told us (me and their children) they were seperating. this was on the third day of my stay. 

the dad was furious when he found out I was leaving to my friends (aka, lifesavers) in Kiel. He yelled for a long time. it was terrifying, but now I am safe and happy.

I am so grateful for my friends and family. Without them, I would maybe be homeless in Braunschweig. 

From one of the worst days of my life, to having an amazing day the next: 
life can be crazy. 
But God is always loving and looking after us.

I must also say, that when I was stuck in the first family's house, and I was terrified and alone, I felt like I should call the number of a lady I became in contact with that day on the au pair site.  When I called she could tell I was terrifyed and she talked me through everything. She was a stranger, but really, I think a very very wonderful person God brought into my life at that exact moment for a very important reason.  I am going to stay with her family and potentially be their au pair, but until then, she has taken me under her wing and helped me through one of the scariest times of my life. She even called my parents in the USA after I called her from the train station and needed to tell them something I wasn't able to do.  She not only helped me, she talked my mom through it as well. 
She is such a blessing.

So after a week I have found a potential new family and they live very near my friends.  It may be exactly what I was meant to end up doing. I know that everything happens for a reason, and with my last host family, I hope my purpose was to help the mom know that she, nor anyone, should ever be treated so badly.  

I know I am where I am meant to be at this very moment, and always.
But whew, I am glad I have finally stopped shaking. 

I'll try and update more, until then, 
infinite love,

25 May 2011


There was a bit of a problem with a situation, I will definitely explain soon. But now I must pick up the pieces. But don't worry-- jetzt ist alles in ordnung. (now everything is ok.)

until soon. many hugs & infinite love.

20 May 2011

a birthday gift from my lovely host family host mom. perfection. : )

19 May 2011

rosie pope in the german issue of life & style left for me in my room?! You know me all too well, Germany!

18 May 2011

 [flying out of chicago to london- 17.Mai.2011.]
whew. I have arrived-- & it is beautiful.

11 May 2011

Braunschweig: One week until I meet my new home for the very first time.